CONSILIENT is run by people of high character with genuine passion and aptitude for the hospitality business.

CONSILIENT’s people choose to be in the hospitality business because they have open and generous natures that draw sustenance from making others happy. In face, relating to other people through the provision of outstanding service and products is at the core of what they do.

CONSILIENT’s people are obsessed with food – and beverages too – and will go to absurd lengths in pursuit of the delicious. A love of craft is woven into this pursuit.

CONSILIENT’s people tend to be enthusiasts who think quickly on their feet, enjoy performing tasks, and have plenty of stamina. They relish stimulation and richness of experience and cannot imagine having a normal job, whatever that is. 

CONSILIENT’s people do not shy away from responsibility or a hard day’s work, and they welcome worthy challenges. They have very high standards for themselves and their work products and expect to be paid well for a job well done.

CONSILIENT’s people are caring managers, perfectionist chefs, generous hosts, meticulous operators, inspiring teachers, tireless doers, and all around devotees of food, beverage and hospitality. They are many different people who all clearly love what they do.

CONSILIENT is expanding now through a unique and exciting set of opportunities, and we are searching far and wide for others who share our passions, capabilities and reasons for being in the hospitality business. Indeed, we have exceptional positions of all kinds waiting for those suited to our culture and vision. If you recognize yourself in these descriptions — and wish to live and work in Dallas, Fort Worth, Atlanta or Houston — please start a conversation with us here.

Here at Consilient, we are always looking for exceptional talent to join our team. Please click here to inquire about a management position or here for an hourly position.